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Family Folklore Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization (501c3) located in Northwest Indiana (USA). We are seeking to educate people of all ages about the world via multimedia and experiential learning.



Executive Director

Dr. Meg Grandfield DeMakas, as an officer, was selected to oversee the volunteer general running of the project. She wrote the "Butterbird Christmas" play, a memoir in the Gene Shepard style, also authoring and illustrating children's books. An experienced educator and graduate from Loyola University Chicago, Meg is an adjunct professor at IUN.


Logistics Manager

Kathleen A. Anton, as an officer and board member, was selected to assist in overseeing the general running of the project, serving as a volunteer timekeeper /advisor. She is Registered Nurse, business owner, visiting nurse, artist and humanitarian.


Copy Editor

Sue Miller, as a board member, was selected to voluntarily edit text. A former Reading Specialist, she now is a horse owner and family history buff.

{Meet Our Board}




Karen A. Wagner, as an officer, was selected to handle the budget as a volunteer and also provide backstage advice from her experience in acting/ music. She had a career as an administrative assistant.


Office Manager

Margaret Johnson, as an officer, was selected from her experience in office management to administrate the volunteer compilation the magazine. She has volunteered on the projects of Family Folklore.




Secretary/ Historian

Nora Glenn, as a board member, is suited as our volunteer cultural journalism specialist, insuring experiences will be transcribed in the magazine. She is a Gary Community Schools English Teacher; her specialty is journalistic writing.


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